The University of Michigan is one of the world’s leading research universities, with faculty known for discovery and innovation. Our job at Innovation Partnerships is to support you in your efforts to amplify the impact of your research by connecting with the private sector — whether this be through corporate sponsored research collaborations, licensing discussions, or connections with entrepreneurs and investors to support startup company formation. Our team is committed to providing phenomenal faculty-centric service and to being your partner along your innovation journey.

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Innovation Partnerships is launching a Corporate Research Alliances team to create new opportunities for corporate sponsored research. Corporate Research Alliances will provide faculty-facing support to convert industry relationships into successful sponsored research collaborations. The team also will provide alliance management support for ongoing large research collaborations, working to broaden these relationships across the research enterprise.

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Innovation Partnerships is responsible for the commercialization of inventions based on U-M intellectual property. We have the expertise, resources and connections to help your ideas reach their full potential. We are part of a campus-wide collaboration to create an environment that encourages exploration, discovery, innovation and risk-taking. Our work is a partnership with inventors and market partners to assess, develop and unleash the power of your discoveries.

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The Ventures team within Innovation Partnerships works closely with the Licensing team to support startup company formation to facilitate the commercialization of U-M research discoveries. Our Ventures team brings experienced investors, entrepreneurs, domain experts as well as access to grant funding and investment capital to support the formation of new startup companies commercializing U-M innovations. Our team has years of investment, corporate management, and startup leadership experience to position U-M startup companies for success. We will be with you for every step of your U-M startup journey.

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