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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Entreprenuers Engage2

February 7, 2013

Engage2 Builds on the Momentum of the June 2012 Inaugural Event

“Everyone was very pleased with the energy and collaborative creativity from our first Engage unConference last June,” said Ken Nisbet, executive director of U-M Innovation Partnerships. “The Engage series is another example of how the university and the MVCA are providing leadership to enhance the entrepreneurial resources for the benefit of our region and our state.”

Video by Paul Long Productions

“When you bring established businesses, young companies, startups, and investors – all of whom have a stake in a vibrant regional & state economy – together, good ideas and creative solutions can emerge. The trick is creating an inviting environment for that to happen. Based on the energy and ideas that came from the first Entrepreneurs Engage event, that environment has been successfully achieved.”
Laura Schrader, CEO, 3D Biomatrix

Entrepreneurs Engage was launched in 2012 by U-M Innovation Partnerships in cooperation with the Michigan Venture Capital Association to provide opportunities for interactions among highly qualified entrepreneurs and investors. Event partners include Menlo Innovations, Xconomy, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Ann Arbor SPARK, the Zell-Lurie Institute, A2 Geeks, Tech Brewery, and the Center for Entrepreneurship.


Participation is by invitation only and limited to facilitate productive discussions among our region’s leading entrepreneurs and investors. One can apply for an invitation at Zell-Lurie Institute,