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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Our Performance

In the last year alone, the work of Innovation Partnerships has facilitated 433 invention reports, 16 startups and over $20 million in revenue. Every day, we amplify the impact of research and bring new technologies to market. All in the pursuit of redefining the competitive landscape with genuine innovation.

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2022 Results

Invention Reports
Patents Issued
License/Option Agreements
Million in Revenue
Million in New Corporate Sponsored Research Awards Supported
Million Raised by Startups

2018 – 2022 Results

Invention Reports FY22 = 433

FY22 Invention Reports Chart

License Agreements FY22 = 278

FY22 License Agreements Chart

License Revenue FY22 = $20.4M

FY22 License Revenue Chart

Startups FY22 = 16

FY22 Startups Chart