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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Faculty & Researchers

Faculty-centered service

Innovation Partnerships’ team of professionals brings business, scientific, and legal expertise to amplify the impact of U-M research. We center our efforts around serving our primary customers – you, our faculty.  Let us help to give your research its best chance to change the world.

It’s never too early to get started. Learn more about us.

Submit Your Innovation

Submitting your innovation or research discovery is the first step that leads to commercialization and licensing. We are ready to evaluate your innovation and provide guidance that maximizes your potential for success.

We welcome…

  • novel inventions,
  • software/digital works,
  • creative works/copyright
  • research tools/biomaterials,

and any innovation that you believe will create transformative change.

Submit Your Innovation

Your innovation. Our support.

Not sure what your next steps should be? We’re here and we’re ready to help you take the next step in your commercialization journey.

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Featured Resources

Digital Discovery

The Digital Discovery ProcessSM is a unique service built to help faculty and staff move early stage software based ideas from unstructured brainstorms, fragments and broad based inspiration into well formed and developed concepts. This powerful service helps move your ideas from a rough sketch to an articulate vision that can be clearly presented, supported and actioned.

Material Transfer Agreement – Incoming

Incoming Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) govern the transfer of material from outside entities to U-M.  If you are an outside entity interested in sending material to a researcher at U-M, please contact and provide information about the materials and the recipient. 

Material Transfer Agreement – Outgoing

Outgoing Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) govern the transfer of material from U-M to another organization. If you are a U-M researcher interested in sending materials to an outside country, please contact

Aspiring to Impact

Aspiring to Impact is a networking group created by Innovation Partnerships to bring together faculty and researchers interested in closing the gap in women’s leadership in entrepreneurial communities.

Software and Content Thought Leadership

The Software and Content Thought Leadership Webinar Series covers topics that are relevant to protection, dissemination (ex. open-source), commercialization, and industry collaborations for software and content-based research. Our webinar speakers have an array of expertise, including intellectual property (IP) law, commercial open source software and regulatory requirements for medical devices.
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