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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Our Approach to Startup Licensing

We are committed to being the most progressive, startup-friendly technology commercialization office in the country. Our goal is to minimize the friction for entrepreneurs to launch and grow startups resulting from U-M research activity. The following information provides a general overview of our approach to licensing startups. Feel free to reach out to any one of us if you have questions.

Our primary mission in launching and licensing startups based on U-M research is to streamline the flow of U-M research discoveries into the hands of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. A fair, transparent licensing process increases the likelihood that a U-M research discovery will reach the market and improve the world. Startups based on U-M research discoveries create jobs (for U-M students and others), create research funding for U-M laboratories, create brand recognition for the groundbreaking research performed at U-M, and create and attract seasoned entrepreneurial talent.

We recognize that different technologies, business models, and investment profiles require different approaches to the economic terms in startup licenses. The following are some general frameworks for our approach to startup licenses. In all cases, though, we can be flexible to accommodate the realities of the startup’s situation.

Learn more specifically about our Negotiation Principles for discussing our licenses with entrepreneurs or investors.