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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Beyond our best-in-class licensing approach, Innovation Partnerships offers the following support for U-M startups:

Investment funds
U-M has three investment funds to invest early-stage capital exclusively into U-M-licensed startups.

Startup Incubator
Innovation Partnerships offers flexible leases for world-class lab and office space adjacent to Innovation Partnerships within the U-M North Campus Research Complex. Tenants are provided with concierge services and networking opportunities to accelerate their programs guided by the Innovation Partnerships Ventures team.

Innovation Partnerships provides seasoned entrepreneurs to bring a wealth of entrepreneurial experiences and connections to startup projects and licensed U-M startups.

The Innovation Partnerships Ventures team is available to help connect U-M startups to talent and to market open positions.

Innovation Partnerships has dedicated marketing support to help market the achievements of U-M startups and to make U-M’s central marketing resources and media external to U-M aware of marketing opportunities related to U-M startups.

We will proactively connect our startups to external resources (e.g., SBIR grant support, investors, industry experts), internal U-M resources (e.g., school-specific entrepreneurial support, experienced faculty, grad students), and internal resources (e.g., mentors-in-residence, our venture team, other licensing professionals with market expertise). Innovation Partnerships Ventures publishes a Pipeline Report that is received by over 800 seasoned investors around the world.