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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Mobile Publishing

As the gateway for publishing mobile apps to the University of Michigan’s official accounts on the App Store and Google Play Store, Innovation Partnerships publishes a variety of mobile apps developed by U-M faculty, staff and graduate students. These apps range from campus life apps geared towards students, to health and educational apps for the public, to apps integral to clinical research studies. Take a look at the U-M apps available on the App Store and on the Google Play Store.

Our Services

After you develop an app, Innovation Partnerships supports you to take your app live. We guide and assist you through the publishing process by:

  • Determining if your app is university-owned
  • Providing best practices and other points to consider when developing your app
  • Reviewing privacy policy elements and assist if needed
  • Determining the potential need for IRB, FDA, or HIPAA regulatory compliance
  • Assisting with licensing considerations and process
  • Providing guidance on requirements to submit your app to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store
  • Sharing analytics as desired while your app is live
  • Updating apps as needed.

Is Innovation Partnerships responsible for publishing your app?

If the developers or sponsors of your app include U-M faculty, staff, or graduate students, then Innovation Partnerships is likely responsible for publishing the app. If Innovation Partnerships is publishing your app, please complete and submit an invention disclosure form online.

Before Publishing

  • Involve Innovation Partnerships early in the process. When you have an idea, talk to us to walk through requirements and potential considerations.
  • Develop a privacy policy. Innovation Partnerships can provide a template if desired.
  • Determine if IRB, FDA, or HIPAA compliance applies. Mobile apps deemed likely to meet the definition of an FDA-regulated medical device can only be published under IRB or similar oversight.
  • Obtain a U-M branding review if you plan to use U-M branding in your app. Innovation Partnerships can provide you with contact information.
  • Consider accessibility as you develop your app. Some resources can be found at
  • End User Licensing Agreements (EULAs). Innovation Partnerships can assist in evaluating licensing considerations.
    • While U-M typically uses the standard Apple and Google EULA, you may want to consider using a custom agreement.
    • Custom EULAs are typically required for medical apps, apps that involve HIPAA regulation, or apps entailing FDA regulation.

Royalty and Revenue Distributions

Apple and Google receive a commission (30% and 15%, respectively) on the net sales for all apps. Royalty and revenue distributions are handled using the standard Innovation Partnerships process on the remaining amount.

Publishing Process Overview (iOS and Android)

Innovation Partnerships and U-M Information and Technology Services (ITS) work together to submit your source code and other required assets for publication to the App Store and Google Play Store.

Generally, three types of submissions can be made:

New app

The primary elements required for publishing a new app are the app’s

    • Source code
    • Graphics assets (screenshots, icons, etc.)
    • Metadata
    • Privacy policy.

App update

The primary elements required for updating an existing app are the app’s

    • Updated source code
    • Release notes (what’s new)
    • Updated graphics assets (screenshots, icons, etc.), if applicable
    • Updated metadata and privacy policy, if applicable.

Beta testing

Both iOS and Android apps can be submitted for beta testing prior to release to the stores. The primary elements required for testing is similar to that for new apps and app updates:

    • Source code
    • Graphics assets (screenshots, icons, etc.) – required for Android only
    • Metadata
    • Privacy policy
    • Information for testers on what to test
    • List of testers’ email addresses.

Detailed App Submission Form Review

Innovation Partnerships will provide you with a detailed app submission form so that you can provide us with the source code and assets necessary to submit your app to the stores. After the app is submitted for review and approval, we will apprise you of its status throughout the process.

Apple and Google do not provide specific time frames for their app review, and review times may vary by app. Apple reports that on average, 50% of apps are reviewed within 24 hours and over 90% are reviewed in 48 hours.