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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships


Venture Accelerator: Mekanistic Therapeutics

Mekanistic Therapeutics, a startup company focused on the development of cancer therapeutics, will soon move into the U-M Innovation Partnerships Venture Accelerator, where company founders Drs. Judith Sebolt-Leopold and Christopher Whitehead will progress with their clinical trial development and fundraising efforts. In their University of Michigan lab, Sebolt-Leopold and Whitehead,...

3-D Printed Orthotics

Researchers at the U-M Orthotics and Prosthetics Center have developed a new cyber manufacturing system to design and produce custom orthotics and prosthetics. The system, which incorporates both optical scanners and 3D printers, has been shown to produce better-fitting, lighter assistive devices in a fraction of the time it takes...

FlexDex begins shipping low-cost surgical tool designed to replace robotic system

New applications for robots seem to be in the news every day, but Ann Arbor-based FlexDex Surgical’s new surgical tool increases surgeons’ flexibility and reduces costs by taking a robot out of the equation. The mechanical platform, which allows surgeons to more easily make sutures inside the body during minimally...

Intelligent Vision Systems: State-of-the-Art Ice Detection Technology

Climate and Space Science Professor Nilton Renno loves solving problems. And as he readily admits, “I’m always looking for problems related to my research interests that are fun to work on and can have a significant impact on society.” Renno’s first startup, Electric Field Solutions, was based on electric eld...

Vesper announces $15 million in funding

Power consumption is a major constraining factor for the use of microphones. The power draw required to continually monitor environmental conditions for microphone applications poses real problems. Thanks to the U-M startup Vesper, however, all of that may be changing. The Boston-based company has developed a VM1010 piezoelectric MEMS microphone...

Brio Device

Brio Device designs, develops and commercializes medical devices to assist in the medical procedure called intubation – the insertion of airway breathing tubes. Brio’s devices break the link between the level of experience required and the success of lifesaving airway management procedures. The company’s lead product, the INT Navigator™, addresses...

Mike Psarouthakis to lead Venture Center

After a national search, Mike Psarouthakis has been selected as the new director of the U-M Innovation Partnerships Venture Center.  The Venture Center is responsible for helping to identify, develop and launch new startups based on U-M technologies, and works alongside licensing, legal and marketing specialists within U-M Innovation Partnerships....

Genomenon Completes $1.8 million Extended Seed Round

Genomenon Inc., a DNA interpretation software company launched from the University of Michigan in FY 2015, recently announced the completion of its extended seed financing of $1.8 million. The financing will fuel the completion and launch of Genomenon’s initial product, Mastermind, a novel analytic and visualization tool for DNA variant...

Court Innovations at Forefront of Next Generation Crowdfunding

Court Innovations is the first company born of technology developed at U-M Law School to offer equity investment under the new SEC approved Jobs Act by way of a 4(a)(6) offering. The transaction is facilitated by Netcapital, an SEC authorized funding portal that gives investors a say in the companies...

Bryce Pilz Joins U-M Innovation Partnerships as Director of Licensing

Bryce Pilz, who had worked closely with Innovation Partnerships licensing staff as an IP attorney for the office from 2006-2011, became the director of licensing at U-M Innovation Partnerships effective July 1, 2016. Pilz was most recently affiliated with the U-M Law School’s Zell Entrepreneurship and Law clinic, which he...

Increasing Pipeline Efficiency

Assured Flow Solutions (AFS) is an oilfield chemistry and engineering firm focused on the oil and gas industry. Rooted in vigorous academic research, the company provides practical, world-class engineering services that are critical to getting oil and gas out of the ground and to market in an environmentally-safe and cost-effective...

Using Smartphones to Improve Bipolar Treatment

In a given year, over 20 million people, or 9% of American adults, are affected by bipolar or major depressive disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Despite the number of people impacted by these illnesses, very little technology is on the market that has been shown to...
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