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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Our Pipelines

Bringing an invention to market is a complex and multistep process. Our pipeline reports for therapeutics and regulated medtech showcase the breadth and depth of innovative work taking place at U-M, as well as where they currently are in the regulatory process. To gain a better understanding of the range of research occurring at U-M and the potential to impact patients, check out each of our pipeline reports below.

Clinical Drug Pipeline

These drugs were created by faculty at the University of Michigan. There are many in different stages with several already in the market.

Clinical Drug Pipeline


Diagnostic Pipeline

How we diagnose disease and conditions evolves as technology evolves. A number of the tests and tools used in healthcare today have been created here at the University of Michigan.

View Diagnostic Pipeline


Device Pipeline

These medical devices were created to help improve medical care and everyday life. We’re tracking their progress as they make their way to the patient.

View Device Pipeline