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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships



Discovering and developing drugs for oncology, inflammation, immunology, & metabolic diseases

TSRL, Inc.

Developing drug delivery solutions

Arbor Ultrasound Technologies

Several ultrasound technologies for nephrologists


In vitro cardiotoxicity testing platform using mature human stem cell derived cardiomyocytes


Endectra LLC is commercializing solid-state, real-time radiation detection technology to displace expensive crystal- and gas-based sensors in defense, industrial, and medical applications.


Smart, active spinal orthoses that provides support and mobility to users

Health IT, LLC

Behavioral Healthcare company


Large stroke XY micro-stages

MEKanistic Therapeutics

MEKanistic is innovating cancer therapies by advancing a novel class of selective kinase inhibitors rationally designed to target both EGFR and PI3K with a single molecule. This breakthrough design expands the therapeutic window while avoiding inherent toxicity challenges of multi-compound treatments. Preclinical studies of its lead drug MTX-531 show a high incidence of tumor regression with dramatically reduced toxicity.

STEL Technologies

Developing a bioengineered construct for ACL repair
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