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Antibodies provide powerful tools for research and diagnostic purposes. Antibodies are both highly sensitive and highly specific for particular epitopes, which makes them ideal reagents for detecting and quantifying a broad array of targets, from drugs to serum proteins to microorganisms.

2021-048 Antiserum to Xenopus Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Binding Protein (CRFBP)

  • Rabbit polyclonal
  • Recognize Xenopus CRFBP

2021-047 Antiserums to Xenopus Corticotropin-Releasing Factor (CRF)

  • Rabbit polyclonal
  • Recognize human and Xenopus CRF

2020-100 Brainbow Antibodies
Polyclonal Antibodies Recognizing Varies Species of Fluorescent Proteins

  • Study of neural connections in the brain
  • Useful for comprehensive mapping of connections within an organism’s nervous system
  • Purified protein suitable for Immunofluorescence (IF), Immunoprecipitation (IP), and Western blot (WB)

2020-322 sTDP43 Antibody

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Neurobiology
  • Protein misfolding

3907: Cone arrestin 3 antibody

4036: Chicken anti-PTIP antibody

7462: Brainbow antibodies

2021-049: Rabbit anti-Xenopus glucocorticoid receptor antibodies

2021-050: Antiserum to Xenopus Krüppel-like Factor 9 (KLF9)

2021-052: Polyclonal Rabbit Antiserum to Xenopus Leptin

2021-053: Antiserum to Xenopus Methyl-CpG Binding Protein 3 (MBD3)

2021-054: Antiserums to Xenopus Mineralocorticoid Receptor (xMR)

2021-055: Antiserums to Xenopus Ten-Eleven Translocation (TET3)

2021-056: Antiserum to Mouse Thyroid Hormone Receptor Beta (TRb)

2021-057: Antiserum to Xenopus Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Beta (TSHb) C-terminus

2021-058: Antiserums to Xenopus Urocortin 1 (UCN1)

2021-059: Antiserums to Xenopus Urocortin 3 (UCN3)

2091: Mouse monoclonal antibody against A20

2430: Mouse monoclonal antibody against VWF

2562: Mouse monoclonal antibody against RPE65

3574: Rabbit polyclonal antibody against phospho-JAK2

3897: Rabbit polyclonal against cysteine

1996: Monoclonal antibodies against podocalyxin

0323: Monoclonal antibody against CD2

0061.1: Monoclonal antibodies against squamous cell carcinoma

1317: Monoclonal Antibody UM8D6 Recognizing CD147, a.k.a. Neurothelin

0948: Monoclonal antibody UMCD6 (hybridoma 3F7B5), specific for the T cell glycoprotein CD6

0949: Monoclonal Antibody UM7F8, Specific for the Human Cell Surface Antigen CD98 (4F2)

0041: Mouse monoclonal anti-Chromogranin A antibody

0238: Mouse monoclonal anti-CD60 antibody

1277: Rabbit Polyclonal Antisera against Neural Targets