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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Partnerships for Innovation: Accelerating Innovation Research- Technology Transfer (PFI:AIR-TT)

The PFI:AIR-TT program supports research to overcome technology barriers or knowledge gaps in the transformation of fundamental science and engineering discoveries into market-valued solutions.

Researchers are expected to develop a proof of concept, prototype, or scale-up of the prototype that addresses real-world constraints and provides a competitive value in a potential application space. During the course of the AIR-TT award, it is also expected that the team advances their understanding of business as it relates to their technology, and that students are engaged to learn about innovation and technology translation.

By the end of the award period, the technology will be further down the path to commercialization. AIR-TT awards provide $200k for 18 months.

To learn more and get started with a grant application, please see the latest AIR-TT solicitationYou also can learn about the program and submitting proposals by reviewing the slides and watching the video from the August 3, 2016 AIR-TT webinar. Learn more.