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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Featured Technology at Celebrate Invention 2018


FIRST-IN-CLASS THERAPEUTICS – Small-molecule dual inhibitors of the anti-apoptotic Mcl-1 and Bfl-1 proteins for the treatment of cancer. Cancer adapts the ability to evade apoptosis (programmed cell death). The Mcl-1 and Bfl-1 proteins, upregulated in many cancers, block the pro-death response and are key resistance factors. We developed first-in-class dual inhibitors that selectively inhibit both proteins with potent cellular and in vivo efficacy, without harming normal cells.

Inventors: Zaneta Nikolovska-Coleska, Lei Miao, Ahmed Mady, Jeanne Stuckey, Karson Kump, Nurul Ansari, Mohan Pal

MAY MOBILITY was spun out of the U-M APRIL Lab. Five autonomous driving related technologies licensed from U-M help May Mobility unlock a better life today with self-driving transportation. We deliver solutions that work in today’s communities to accelerate the path toward a future where people can drive less and live more.

Inventors: Edwin Olson, Steve Vozar

CENSYS is a platform that helps information security practitioners discover, monitor, and analyze devices that are accessible from the Internet. We regularly probe every public IP address and popular domain names, curate and enrich the resulting data, and make it intelligible through an interactive search engine and API

Inventors: Zakir Durumeric, David Adrian, Alex Halderman

GIVITAS is a purpose-built, SaaS platform that gives employees equal access to the collective intelligence, knowledge, experience, and expertise of their peers, which helps organizations build or sustain a positive, collaborative culture while improving business performance.

Inventors: Wayne Baker, Adam Grant, Cheryl Baker

FERROFORM EAR CORRECTION DEVICE is an elegant, comfortable solution to treat many types of congenital ear malformation. The technology leverages anatomic-based design and 3D-printing to allow convenient non-surgical treatment for the patient and family.

Inventors: David Zopf

POST ROCK is a building material made from post-consumer and post-industrial plastics and waste aggregates, such as concrete. In the U.S. alone, construction and demolition generates 548 million tons of waste annually, and 75% of plastic waste is landfilled.

Inventors: Meredith Miller, Thom Moran

Photo courtesy of Meredith Miller & Thom Moran

STORM INTERSECTION FORECAST TOOL (SIFT) supports the operations of the multi-satellite mission CYGNSS in tracking hurricanes. It’s a graphical interface that displays the predicted positions of the satellites and their wind speed measurement locations, as well as the hurricane trajectories forecasted by NOAA.

Inventors: Charles Bussy-Virat, Kenneth Carlsen, Mary Morris, Aaron Ridley, Chris Ruf

SEMA LAB is bringing transparency to software maintenance, helping development teams reduce technical debt. Our tools analyze code quality, benchmark developer performance, and visualize the coding process in a convenient easy to understand dashboard.

Inventors: Marouane Kessentini