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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Fuse Oncology Announces Strategic Collaboration with Radiation Oncology Leader


Fuse Oncology (Fuse), a leading innovator in cutting-edge radiation oncology solutions, announced today a strategic collaboration with the University of Michigan, a recognized leader in radiation oncology.

Fuse will license and integrate an advanced radiation oncology workflow technology from U-M with assistance from Innovation Partnerships, in conjunction with technology from Cone Health, to further their vision to deliver care at the speed of the patient.

“Being an integral part of this transformative venture is truly inspiring,” said Martha Matuszak, PhD, director of the physics division in U-M’s Department of Radiation Oncology. “Our collaboration highlights the strength of our collective innovation in developing cutting-edge technology that has the ability, we believe, to transform the RadOnc industry for the greater good.”

Fuse incorporates trusted generative AI technology and interoperability across its suite of solutions—focusing on seamlessly connecting diverse healthcare technologies including EMR, OIS, and planning systems to yield accelerated care pathways, improved decision making, and better business outcomes.

“This collaboration is about building a technology that will profoundly impact the medical industry,” said Drew Bennett, Director of Software, Content Licensing and Research Partnerships at U-M’s Innovation Partnerships. “At a high level, this partnership signifies a leap in innovation, and its implications are significant in the radiation oncology space. We are always seeking high-quality, industry leading partners to help with the final mile of translation development to provide broad scale positive, real world-impact and change patient outcomes.”

Fuse’s collaboration with U-M and Cone Health combines the expertise and resources of two radiation oncology powerhouses—sparking a new wave of innovation and product development.

“We are excited to lock arms with some of the best in radiation oncology at the University of Michigan. We are experiencing an exciting venture energy in the industry that makes this so rewarding,” said Benjamin (BJ) Sintay, Executive Director of Radiation Oncology at Cone Health & Chief Innovation Officer at Fuse Oncology. “Combining the advancements we’re developing at Fuse and Cone Health with the innovations happening at the University of Michigan empowers us to further expand solutions – driving real change in RadOnc.”

This collaborative effort builds on the successful unveiling of two innovative products from Fuse at the American Society for Radiation and Oncology (ASTRO) conference last month: Syntyant and FuseDocs.

About Fuse Oncology
Fuse Oncology delivers SaaS solutions that break down healthcare workflow and data silos to create a seamless experience for clinicians in radiation oncology. By placing the broader electronic medical record system at the center of the architecture, Fuse eliminates duplicative and inefficient efforts to enable a future where oncology care moves at the speed of patients. For more information about FuseDocs and its features, visit Stay updated on our latest developments by following us on LinkedIn @fuseoncology.

SOURCE Fuse Oncology, Inc.