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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Giving Blueday | March 10, 2021


We hope you will support our efforts at Technology Transfer as we transform U-M research discoveries into technologies to improve quality of life, fuel economic development, and change the world.

The University of Michigan’s vast research enterprise launches over 20 new startups per year. These startups create opportunities for U-M innovators, graduates, and drive economic growth.

Today, your donation will support a philanthropic investment fund to provide early-stage capital for U-M tech startups.

A gift to the Accelerate Blue Fund will provide resources to enhance Innovation Partnerships’s capabilities and accelerate the impact of the world-changing research discoveries from the University of Michigan to the marketplace.

All returns from Accelerate Blue investments will cycle back into the fund, creating an evergreen source of early-stage, high-impact investment capital for U-M startup companies in the future.

We hope you consider supporting the Accelerate Blue Fund philanthropic effort, please click the give now button or contact us for more information at: