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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

New Products Launched: FlexDex and Mastermind


Two new products entering the market illustrate the continuing impact of U-M innovation.

The FlexDex Needle Driver

FlexDex Surgical, a Brighton, Michigan-based developer of surgical tools, has begun shipping its first product, a simple, ergonomic and intuitive “needle driver” for stitching inside the body. The commercial launch of the device which MedGadget recently referred to as “revolutionary” commenced with the device’s first use in surgery.

The FlexDex platform, first conceived of in the U-M Engineering lab of Shorya Awtar, provides surgeons with a high-performing and cost-effective minimally invasive surgical instrument for a fraction of what robotic systems currently cost.

For more information, contact FlexDex Surgical. For news on the technology, go to MedGadget and General Surgery News.


Genomenon, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based developer of genome interpretation software, launched Mastermind, a novel analytic and visualization tool for DNA variant interpretation.


The Mastermind software, completed shortly after Genomenon closed a seed financing round of $1.8 million, contains a comprehensive list of correlations between genetic variants and human diseases drawn from millions of scientific articles. Having easy access to these data reduces the time pathologists and geneticists spend researching and interpreting genetic variants for clinical diagnosis.

For more news on the launch of Mastermind.