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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

Rapid Oxygen seeks to bring new emergency oxygen system to market


Rapid Oxygen Company wants to breathe fresh air into the stale medical oxygen systems market using technology from the University of Michigan Department of Emergency Medicine.

Current supplemental oxygen systems use portable concentrators, high pressure gas cylinders, or chemical generators – technology largely unchanged since the 1940s. These “state-of-the-art” systems are either expensive, bulky, hazardous, or all three.

Rapid Oxygen has developed a low-cost, disposable, and ultra-portable device that uses a safe chemical reaction with no undesirable byproducts. It requires no electricity and can deliver oxygen for up to 20 minutes. It’s ideal for military deployment in remote areas, pandemic preparedness, as well as for survival in airplanes, mines, submarines, or other spaces where current systems are prohibited. If you can think of a location where you might find an automatic emergency defibrillator (AED), Rapid Oxygen wants to be there too.

Led by Richard Imbruce, a pulmonary physiologist with over 30 years of experience in the medical device industry, along with co-inventor and emergency medicine physician, Kevin Ward, Rapid Oxygen is poised to help us all breathe easier.