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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

The Components of the Technology Transfer Talent Network (T3N)

Mentors-in-Residence (MIRs)

MIRs are experienced entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries who work with T3N to provide expertise for venture assessment and creation. T3N currently maintains a network of 19–20 MIRs.

Technology Assessment Fellows Program

T3N fellows are graduate students who work part-time with a trained technology transfer professional in order to earn valuable training on the technology assessment process.

Technology Transfer Shared Services Program

The Shared Services program offers support to universities with little to no in-house technology transfer funding and infrastructure by providing access to its matching funds and intellectual network.

Postdoctoral Commercialization Fellowships

Postdoctoral researchers are provided with salary support and business mentorship to enable them to continue working to advance the development of their university technology.