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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships


Rapid Oxygen seeks to bring new emergency oxygen system to market

Rapid Oxygen Company wants to breathe fresh air into the stale medical oxygen systems market using technology from the University of Michigan Department of Emergency Medicine. Current supplemental oxygen systems use portable concentrators, high pressure gas cylinders, or chemical generators – technology largely unchanged since the 1940s. These “state-of-the-art” systems...

Sony launches connected tennis racket with U-M tech

Just months after Wilson Sporting Goods launched its Wilson X Connected Basketball employing patented technology from the University of Michigan lab of Noel Perkins, Sony, through a sub-license with Wilson, has come to market with a smart tennis sensor based on the same underlying U-M technology. The sensor, when affixed...

ONL Therapeutics: Addressing Retinal Eye Disease

As a clinician and an associate professor of ophthalmology in the Kellogg Eye Center, Dr. David Zacks specializes in disorders of the retina. The problem that fascinates and perplexes him most is this: Even after receiving treatment for retinal disease, patients continue to lose vision. So what are the molecular...

U-M Wireless Integrated Circuits and Systems Group: Making the Internet-of-Things Possible

Experts agree that the next evolutionary phase in computing technology will be the Internet of Things (IoT): tiny, self-powered, edge-of-the-cloud devices that connect people and systems. It is predicted that within 10 years as many as 1 trillion IoT connected devices will be in use—comprising a $14 trillion market. Ultimately,...

Dyson acquires U-M battery startup Sakti3

October 19, 2015… Dyson acquired University of Michigan startup Sakti3, a leader in solid state battery technology, in a deal valued at $90 million. This acquisition follows an initial investment of $15 million earlier this year. “Dyson, just like Sakti3, is driven by a desire for audacious leaps in technology,”...

Court Innovations: Making the Justice System More Accessible

Every year, as many as 75 million Americans cited for minor charges such as unpaid traffic fines are issued warrants — and forced to have their day in court. Typically, the experience is frustrating, confusing, time-consuming and expensive. But that could soon change, thanks to an online mediation system developed...

Ascenta Therapeutics: Rising to the Challenge of Cancer Research

One of the things that makes cancer so formidable—and so difficult to treat—is the fact that cancer cells literally refuse to die. In a healthy organism, abnormal cells are removed through a process of programmed cell death known as apoptosis. But in cancer cells, the apoptosis pathways are defective, allowing...
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