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University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan Innovation Partnerships

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Conflict of Interest Policy

University conflict of interest policy as outlined in the Standard Practice Guide (SPG) must comply with state and federal external requirements. In addition, the university provides operational policies to guide employees in disclosing outside activities, relationships, or interests and managing identified conflicts of interest and commitment.

Copyright Ownership

This policy promotes the University of Michigan’s scholarly, academic, and service missions by establishing a framework for who holds copyright at the University.

Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program

The U-M Coulter Translational Research Partnership Program is a commercialization program that seeks to accelerate the development of university technologies into new products to improve health care.

Device Pipeline

These medical devices were created to help improve medical care and everyday life. We’re tracking their progress as they make their way to the patient.

Diagnostic Pipeline

How we diagnose disease and conditions evolves as technology evolves. A number of the tests and tools used in healthcare today have been created here at the University of Michigan.

Digital Discovery

The Digital Discovery ProcessSM is a unique service built to help faculty and staff move early stage software based ideas from unstructured brainstorms, fragments and broad based inspiration into well formed and developed concepts. This powerful service helps move your ideas from a rough sketch to an articulate vision that can be clearly presented, supported and actioned.

Frankel Innovation Initiative

The Frankel Innovation Initiative is a $20 million fund supporting the research and development of life-saving therapies at Michigan Medicine.

Material Transfer Agreement – Outgoing

Outgoing Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) govern the transfer of material from U-M to another organization. If you are a U-M researcher interested in sending materials to an outside country, please contact

Material Transfer Agreement – Incoming

Incoming Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) govern the transfer of material from outside entities to U-M.  If you are an outside entity interested in sending material to a researcher at U-M, please contact and provide information about the materials and the recipient. 

Policy on Distribution of Licensing Revenue

This policy document describes Innovation Partnerships’ procedures for distributing revenue received from the licensing of Intellectual Property.

Regents Bylaw 3.10

Sec. 3.10 of the Bylaws of The Board of Regents: Ownership of Patents, Copyrights, Computer Software, and Other Property Rights.
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